Sunday, 9 July 2017

Why I disappeared from the blogging world...

Hello Internet Beauties, (if anyone is still out there!)

I haven't posted in two months and that leaves my heart heavy. I feel blogging looks so easy from the outside, yet in reality, it's incredibly hard. I wake up at 6am Monday-Friday for work and usually get back home around 6pm. Once dinner is done and I've helped out at home (although I don't really label it, I suppose I am technically an 'informal carer') and I've showered and prepared for the next day at work, my day is basically over. I love my job and therefore my day does feel fulfilled however it's incredibly hard to fit blogging around this schedule! Although typing out posts can be quick for me, I find getting time for photos the hardest bit. I can write from anywhere and anytime but can't exactly take pictures of products or swatches in the middle of my commute to work! 

I recently went away for a two week break, two weeks off work, two weeks away from family, two weeks away for myself. 

I feel time away, in another country, just relaxing with no external influences or distractions, truly opened up my thoughts and made it clear what I want in life. I love writing, I always have, yet lying by the pool filming parts of my holiday and photographing memories just for fun, made it clear why perhaps my blogging has been on and off, something which I did not want to admit at home...

Really, I have always wanted to make videos.

If I'm honest with myself, I started a blog because I was scared of admitting that. I took years to actually get the confidence to make a blog, but really even that was a stopgap due to not having enough confidence to start a YouTube channel. I actually had a YouTube channel back in about 2010 (that's a rough estimate!) with my best friend and we would make music videos on windows movie maker - does anyone else remember that YouTube craze before it got super big?! However, YouTube was very different back then.

So many people now make YouTube videos, including many who go from blogging to videos, which makes me reluctant to write this post. I don't want to be seen as another 'wannabe' or 'following the crowd' especially when I can't even run my blog! But deep down, I have to be honest and admit that it has always been a dream and a passion. 

So, what's changed? Why do I feel like this is something I want to action and pursue now? Is it because so many are becoming ''famous'' and making money from it? NO. (See above, paragraph 1, ''I love my job'' haha!) Being away in a beautiful country just somehow put things in perspective for me. I made friends with complete strangers who spoke varying languages to me. Speaking to people I didn't know would have completed freaked me out a couple of years ago, but now I have the confidence to actually make friends with them too! 

I believe in myself and am confident in who I am. It's taken me almost 23 years to get to this point. I am crazy, I'm a bit of a 'nerd', I've never been one of 'the popular kids', I procrastinate way too much, I can be lazy and messy, but I also laugh so much and always try to see the positive side. I find it hard portraying that in writing, I want people to see it as well as read it. I want to get to know others and I want others to get to know me. 

I was so incredibly happy the two weeks I was away that it made me want that always, it made me want to create a life I really truly love and be brave enough to follow my dreams. If I don't try, I will never know. 

So...what next? I know what you're thinking and I'm thinking it too - how would I ever make time for videos if I can't even make time for blogging? That's something I'm considering seriously. Lighting and filming resources need to be considered. As much as I wish it would all happen instantly, these things take planning, hard work and time. So, the next few weeks, I'm going to seriously look at my options. Whether that's slowly increasing back to blogging in the meantime, until I have everything to start making videos, or just going straight into videos, we'll have to wait and see. It could be weeks or months. 

I am incredibly terrified about all of this (which may sound silly!) but putting yourself out there and opening up makes you vulnerable to others and for someone who is typically ''quiet'' and self-conscious...this is a huge step. But, as I said, if I don't try, I will never know...

One thing I am 100% certain of is that I have met THE LOVELIEST people through blogging who i will always be the most grateful for! I hope you will all continue to support this journey, we are all in this together! I really love you all. 


Friday, 5 May 2017

Ultimate Pampering Products: My Favourites

Hello Internet Beauties!
It's been a little while! (As much as I don't like to write that!)

I've been taking some time away from the Internet/my phone in general, which unfortunately includes my blog and twitter! This wasn't necessarily through choice but more need with some hectic things that have been going on.

However, rather than focusing on reasons for having a break (this might be explained in another post), this post is focusing on what to do when you need some 'me' time and time away from everything else! Self-care is so important but so easily overlooked with our busy lives!

One of my favourite things to do when I need some time out, is to properly pamper myself. Run a long hot bath, put some music on or a film (this is not recommended though as you may end up accidentally drowning your laptop - so use with caution 😂) and just relax, away from everything else.

I've obsvioisly not been just in the bath for a week on my break (I promise I'm not all wrinkled now haha) but I love a bath as my top relaxation go-to, because the bathroom is one of the rare places you can't be disturbed or interrupted by others!

Although I love so many bath products out there, here are my top favourites for the ultimate pampering de-stress session:

Bubble Bath: You HAVE to use bubble bath when having a bath - I cannot understand anybody who doesn't! They are just so pretty and add to the scents. My favourite at the moment is the Vanilla Chai from The Body Shop. This scent is absolutely amazing, by far the best vanilla scent I've ever had! Unfortunately it was a Christmas limited edition so I've been savouring this with the hope they will bring it back for permanent. However, in the meantime, it's definitely worth checking out their large collection of amazingly scented bubbles.

Face Mask: In keeping with the vanilla theme (can you tell what my favourite scent is?!), I love the Vanilla Sundae Scrub mask by 7th Heaven. Their masks have always been my favourite but I love this one for its exfoliating qualities, alongside being moisturising. The only down side is I really had to restrain myself from licking it off my face because that's how good it smelt haha.

Body Scrub: When I want a really good pamper, as well as exfoliating my face, I love to get rid of any dead skin from my body too, to really help me feel fresh and rejuvenated. The Rituals Hammam Body Mud quickly became my favourite after receiving it in a GlossyBox. It has a really awakening minty scent, alongside just the right amount of exfoliation without being harsh.

Hair Mask: Whilst I'm going all out with my skin, I also love to give my hair some proper attention. This was another product received in a GlossyBox that I cannot get enough of,
Schwarzkopf Brazillian Oil Pulp treatmentMy hair is literally the softest thing on earth after using this (well maybe not out of everything on earth, but it's close!)

Shower Gel: I love to add a bit of fun to my baths and these Imperial Leather fun editions to their collection are perfect for that! I'm currently using the Fruit Salad edition (I used to love those sweets so much!) but have also used and really liked the marshmallow one. They lather really well and are such a sweet treat for your body!

Finally, to lather and rinse these products, I've recently been using another GlossyBox product, a Konjac Sponge by Spa To You. I didn't really know what to do with this when I got it, but wet it in the bath/tap and it really lathers up, as well as gently exfoliating, both face and body. This has been a great new discovery!

So, what are you waiting for?! Run a nice hot bath and take some time to yourself!
What are your favourite pampering products? Let me know your recommendations in the comments below!

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